Washington State
B.A.S.S. Nation

Blake Williams & Trevor Huff
win the 4/30/17
Potholes High School Tournament

2017 Western Division
April 19th - 21st
Lake Shasta
Redding , California

 2017 Permits
 Nixon's Marine
Nation Wide Boat  Insurance

 Lake Maps
 Limit Out Marine

Jake Anderson - 4/29  Boater Winner Chris Lambert - 4/30 Boater Winner
Zack Chandler  - 4/29 Non Boater Winner Steve Loreng - 4/30 Non Boater Winner

Joshua McGill & Matt Milatz
win the 4/29/17
Potholes High School Tournament

2017 High School Champions

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BASS of Washington

2017 Qualifiers

April 29th - Potholes
April 30th - Potholes

September 30 - Tri Cities
October 1st - Tri Cities

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