Washington State
B.A.S.S. Nation

 Ron Mace
2013 State Champ

Western Divisional at 
Noxon  Reservoir Trout Creek,
 Montana on May 19-23 2014

 2014 Permits
 Nixon's Marine
Nation Wide Boat  Insurance
 Rigid Industries Program

 2014 Power Pole Discounts

Clint Johanson finishes first for Washington at the Western Divisional and will advance to the National Championship

Jeremy Percifield
2013 Western Divisional Champion

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BASS of Washington
email: gbatey@apollosm.com

2014 Qualifier Lakes & Dates
April 26 - 27 Banks Lake
August 23 - 24 Tri Cities
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2013 National and State Dues:

National Dues: $30   -    State Dues: $30
   Please send your State Dues to:
          BASS of Washington
          9800 W Maple Dr
          Pasco, WA 99301
 National dues via online management at:

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